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Hello my name is Rachos and I am an idiot.

I love video games, comics, animation, good food, good friends, and good music. And making people laugh.

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There’s a lot of stuff I draw that just doesn’t make it to tumblr for whatever reason.  This happened to be one of them….

So, enjoy a Sailor Fionna and Cake, saving the Land of Ooo with an Adventurous Might.

The Jokerized trailer for The Dark Knight.

2003 Demo
Artist: 4Kids Entertainment
Album: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
136 plays


Jelly Glow (2014) | Jeannie Rhyu | Gouache, Watercolor on paper | 36” x 36”

Sits around bored.

Thinks of making a fanmix of my WoW main character because I’m seriously considering migrating her into my main OC RP roster.



New display stand for my dwemer artifact.


Simple and Clean is truly magical because never before has a song made me so emotional while making the least amount of sense imaginable


somebody was paid to design this..

I had a very awkward moment tonight where I had to tell my Mum about 50 Shades of Grey and what it is.

Mum: So what is it?
Me: Terrible Twilight Fanfiction that is all about bedroom sex and has somehow gotten a multimillion dollar movie.
Mum: … 8C

50 shades of grey trailer




Catwoman: When in Rome #6 - “Saturday”

written by Jeph Loeb
art by Tim Sale


original drawing i made for the ‘CALL ME’ t-shirt & postcards in the MILKBBI shop  0:-)